Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Morning Juice!

Well, yesterday was as always a VERY busy day in our little grove!
Jerry worked on his new blog and some on his e-book. He got a call back from the company he interviewed with on Tuesday that they want him to come to Dallas for 3 in person interviews on Tuesday August 11, so this is looking VERY hopeful!
Jessica and I ran into Taylor to see one of my best friends, Val and her 2 boys Luc and Samuel. They just moved back from being gone for about 8 months and we are thrilled. WE MISSED THEM! Luc and Madi went to school together for almost 4 years and Jessica and Samuel for almost 2. Val is 25 weeks along with baby number three! We had a good visit and Jessica stayed to play while I went to the grocery store ALL ALONE! Let me just say that it is actually an adjustment for me to be ALONE at the grocery store. I am used to having FIVE kids with's so nice!!!
We got home from the grocery store and Jerry put our "Three Little Hebrew" cleaning company to work because last night was Hobby Night at my house. They did a great job cleaning!
I went out to tend my garden which I have NOT killed and have actually grown many yummy things.
Four of my wonderful friends and M.O.P.S. mommies came over for Hobby Night: Catherine, Aimee, Nicole and Meredith.
I made Margarita Pizza and Cheese Pizza, Nicole brought fruit and we ate, drank and worked on hobbies. Aimee is a scrapbooker so she was organizing photos, Catherine made (sewed) a baby sling for one of her friends, Nicole is an artist and was painting a beautiful picture, Meredith took a painting lesson from Nicole and I worked on my flylady control journal.
The last person left a little after midnight....:)

Today we are "resting". The kids are currently watching "Tom and Jerry" , Jerry is in the office and will soon be putting together his SKS (rifle), I am doing a load of laundry, then going to take a shower, study and work on my football stats and notebook for the season!
I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Saturday!

Tracye and the Grove

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  1. That is encouraging news, regarding Jerry's interview. We will keep praying!!!! Also, SO GLAD you were able to go to the store.. ALONE!! I really is weird when I go anywhere alone, these days. Have a good rest of your weekend!