Friday, August 14, 2009

Frozen or Fresh Squeezed?

Ok, again, sorry I didn't blog daily....that may just not be a happening thing as a busy mom of 5! LOL So I ask you, "Frozen or Fresh Squeezed?" life is full of choices isn't it? Some are easy and some are not. Jerry and I faced the decision this week of realizing that at this moment we cannot financially put all 3 kids in "private homeschool academy" so whom do we NOT send? We know we don't want them in Public school....Yes, we realize that our own Madi goes there, but she gets therapy and services that we cannot and even could not provide when Jerry worked overseas. She also will never be in a class larger than 8 students, which is a HUGE difference from a class of 21-32. So, we talked it over and I also spoke with the director/founder/teacher of our little homeschool academy AND of course my own mom. Sooooooooooooo, I will be OFFICIALLY homeschooling Miss Jessica this year. We have the A Beka homeschool curriculum and she and I will be experiencing the exciting world of Kindergarten together! This both thrills me and terrifies me all at the same time!

I want her to get a SOLID education and I have always questioned my own abilities in so many things, however, everyone assures me that I too can do this! Plus, I have my wonderful mother with all her teacher connections and access to other curriculum's and I have my wonderful friend Stormi, who used this same curriculum with her own son and he is one of the smartest 2nd graders I know!

My closet now has very few clothes in it and currently has my desk in my corner and now awaits Jessica's desk in her corner! She is beyond excited, which worried me too. I was so afraid that she would be so upset that she could NOT go to school with Josh and Emilye this year as planned, but she totally surprised me and was very EXCITED to be having school at home with mommy!

On a more sentimental note, she will be using the desk that her own "Pop" (Jerry's dad) used when he was in college and then I am assuming the same desk that Jerry used through out his school years as well. (if i am wrong please correct me honey, i just figured since you've had it since i've know you that you used it too). Jessica seemed very pleased that it would now be her own desk, especially since none of the other kids have their own desk! I asked her where she wanted to put "school" and she said in my closet with me, so we are going to have her desk and then we will also have a bean bag for "reading" time!

I am hoping we will have a relaxing weekend ahead of us. I can't wait to try out Jerry's new Air Soft Pistol and I am planning on grilling bbq pork chops and chicken legs tomorrow night....yummy!!!

Hope everyone is doing well in all your corners of the globe!

Tracye and the Grove!

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