Friday, July 31, 2009

Fresh Squeezed!

Good Morning all you wonderful friends and family! I am going to be trying out something a little new. Jerry and I have been talking about Blogging and I have encouraged him to start a blog so that he has a place to let everyone know what he is up to. Then I started thinking that maybe I should do it as well! So, I have decided to try and keep you all posted as to our families activities. I am sure that some days will be packed full of things and others maybe slow and dull....:) But I think this will be a fun way to keep in touch!

Since we call ourselves The Orange Grove (South), I decided the blog address would be Around the Grove. I hope everyone really enjoys my little attempt at staying in touch! Some days maybe more about the kids, while others maybe more about myself or Jerry. Guess only time will tell.

Hope you will stop by frequently to see what's happening "Around The Grove"



  1. OK... cute background! I can start playing with a banner for you. I'll email you more details.

  2. Well, look at you. You figured out the background! I like it. Lana will make it all work. I just became your first follower. I am going to add you to my blogroll on my sidebar, also.
    There are many mommy bloggers who write about their lives as mother of dealing with autism. I will send you the link to one such blogger who has multiple special needs children. She is a power house in the mommy blog world. can become addicting...hee heehee.