Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't give up!

Ok, so I fell off the "blogging" wagon this weekend. Sorry about that.

We had a relatively peaceful weekend. Emilye and Jessica had sleep overs both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night they were up till 1am but Saturday night they were asleep by 11 which was good since we had sunday school and church the next morning!

Sunday we made it to both Sunday School and Church, which was good! I stayed with Madi during the service, but Jerry said it was really good and on the way home informed me that we needed to find a way to send me to Africa! I about drove off the road. I have wanted to go to Africa for almost 20 years...I missed my first "calling" back when I was young and didn't have much faith. Oh if I knew then what I know now, but it's ok. So, Jerry and I are praying and talking about me taking a trip to Kenya. I have friends from school (T.B.I.) over there and I am hoping to go spend some time with them, their family and their ministry!

Jerry will be getting up in about 4 and half hours to start getting ready to drive to Dallas for 3 interviews later this morning and afternoon. Please pray that he finds favor with this company and is offered a job! The job would be local, but the corporate office is in Dallas, so this is why he is headed up that way!

I am hoping to get my self and the kids to the gym this morning..but first i have to go to bed!

I will post something about Jerry when I find out!

Sleep tight and I will post soon!

Tracye and the Grove

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