Friday, October 23, 2009

Has it really been almost TWO months????!!!

SO sorry everyone, I had no clue that it had been so long since I have been here. UGH so much for blogging daily huh????

Ok, so let me catch you up.....

Jerry--is now working 2 is from 10am to 8pm and the other is from 9pm to 1am. He has friday night and saturday night off, but works 7 days a week! He is such a hard worker. He has not found "THE" job yet but we know it's out there.

Joshua--got all A's on his first report card this week! Such a smart lad he is. He is really doing well in school and seems to enjoy it. He is also drawing a lot and is so very talented. I would LOVE to get him into some art classes, but he has raw talent. He can simply Look at a picture and then Freehand it. Pretty amazing at 10.

Emilye--Got 1 B and the rest A's this six weeks. She too seems to be enjoying her studies...she still does her B's and D's backwards, which makes me wonder a bit about the possibility of Dyslexia....but she is a good reader and really enjoys it. She loves to color and sing and is such a huge help around the house!

Madison--is doing well in school too. She is counting to 100 by 2's and 5's and soon 10's. She is also learning coinage. She is becoming more verbal with the help of sign language. She loves her veggie tales still and noggin too! (well now it's called nick jr.).

Jessica--LOVES soccer, she is good! She is the point we have to remind her NOT to push or shove to get to the ball. She is doing well with her studies too. She has learned how to spell and write her name, she is learning all about the letter i, and is up to the number 2 :)

Abbye--is simply a very adorable, loving and sweet baby girl. She loves to clean..give that kid a wipe and she will wipe anything down!!!! She will be two in January...she is starting to talk more and she is starting to potty train.

Me--I am still in school, it's hard..but I am glad I am doing it. Hoping to do some more 5k's so I can do some 10k's....I am tired but what's new..still dreaming of Africa and very thankful everyday for my family and friends who bless me beyond belief.