Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Grove Happenings....

Well it's been a semi-crazy morning around here.
Jerry, Emilye and Joshua got to sleep in...Madi was up first followed by Abbye so I got up with them, came downstairs, changed pull-up/diaper and fixed them breakfast. Jessica got up shortly after that.
We had friends over till the wee hours so Jerry decided we would stay home today. I was already going to stay home with Madison and Jessica because they are not feeling well..I was hoping to get some uninterupted studying in, but oh well. :) I am used to studying with everyone running around so no big deal.
I have to go to the store today anyway because the cat needs litter and Josh needs a few things for camp. I need to do some laundry and study as well. Hadn't planned on cooking today but I don't think we have enough left overs from last night to get us through today so I will have to figure something out. :)
So that's it for now...I will probably post again one more time today....kind of a wrap up from the week.
Tracye and the Grove

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  1. Loving the development of your blog!! Lana just emailed me and told me to take a look! You children are precious!