Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orange Chicken Anyone????

Well today we have two Orange chickens in our home. Both Emilye and Jessica have the chicken pox! Oh what fun! Grandpa has graciously agreed to bring us out some calamine lotion this afternoon...we do have some but I don't think enough to get TWO itchy kids through the next few days!!!

They are taking it very well, they are currently "lounging" in the living room, watching "It's the great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." They look like they have broken out in Pink Polka Dots, it's rather cute really. Emilye was the only one who would let me take her picture. Jessica said she didn't want to be seen wearing pink polka dots (she is NOT a tom-boy or anything!).

Since we didn't get to stay for church, we came home and I cleaned the kitchen, started laundry, made sure all my football fantasy teams were taken care of and am now about to get to studying. I am finally through Pathophysiology in my studies and have moved onto Mastering Medical Language. Who knew there were so many words out there that all sound the same but mean something completely different!!! I find it challenging but fun!

Also, my friend Aimee and I have started a new blog site specifically for finding great deals in the Austin area! Go check us out at I hope you like it. Aimee is the bomb when it comes to coupons and finding GREAT deals. I can hardly believe some of the deals she day when she was at Target they actually ended up paying her!!! Crazy I know, but it really does work!!!

So far Abbye, Madi and Josh are chicken free! I will keep you updated on how it goes!
Have a blessed Sunday!

Tracye and the Grove!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Has it really been almost TWO months????!!!

SO sorry everyone, I had no clue that it had been so long since I have been here. UGH so much for blogging daily huh????

Ok, so let me catch you up.....

Jerry--is now working 2 is from 10am to 8pm and the other is from 9pm to 1am. He has friday night and saturday night off, but works 7 days a week! He is such a hard worker. He has not found "THE" job yet but we know it's out there.

Joshua--got all A's on his first report card this week! Such a smart lad he is. He is really doing well in school and seems to enjoy it. He is also drawing a lot and is so very talented. I would LOVE to get him into some art classes, but he has raw talent. He can simply Look at a picture and then Freehand it. Pretty amazing at 10.

Emilye--Got 1 B and the rest A's this six weeks. She too seems to be enjoying her studies...she still does her B's and D's backwards, which makes me wonder a bit about the possibility of Dyslexia....but she is a good reader and really enjoys it. She loves to color and sing and is such a huge help around the house!

Madison--is doing well in school too. She is counting to 100 by 2's and 5's and soon 10's. She is also learning coinage. She is becoming more verbal with the help of sign language. She loves her veggie tales still and noggin too! (well now it's called nick jr.).

Jessica--LOVES soccer, she is good! She is the point we have to remind her NOT to push or shove to get to the ball. She is doing well with her studies too. She has learned how to spell and write her name, she is learning all about the letter i, and is up to the number 2 :)

Abbye--is simply a very adorable, loving and sweet baby girl. She loves to clean..give that kid a wipe and she will wipe anything down!!!! She will be two in January...she is starting to talk more and she is starting to potty train.

Me--I am still in school, it's hard..but I am glad I am doing it. Hoping to do some more 5k's so I can do some 10k's....I am tired but what's new..still dreaming of Africa and very thankful everyday for my family and friends who bless me beyond belief.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Back at it again....

I did not realize it had been so long since my last blog. Jerry is totally putting me to shame..he blog's daily I believe....or at least every other day. I just can't seem to keep up.

The kids survived their first week of school and have started their second.
Madison seems to be adjusting OK to her new "enviroment" but I am still going to request a transition ARD. I want to make sure she gets the services she needs to continue to progress!
Jessica and I survived our first week of homeschooling...she seems to be happy with staying home. I am still hoping I do her justice. She learned how to spell her name ALL on her own this week and I am very proud of her for that!
Emilye made a 104 on her first spelling test and can tell you ALL about how the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body and so forth. I am glad she is actually listening!
Joshua made a 101 on his first spelling test and when I ask him what he learned I usually get the answers " Stuff" or "I don't remember!" LOL
Abbye is abbye and is finally taking morning naps.

Jerry is still plugging away at finding a job..we are hopeful still about Luminant ( not sure i spelled that correctly) but he is also working on a few other things as well.
Speaking of my husband....he has gotten me interested in guns..more than I ever thought I would be. So of course a few years ago, he took me to the range so that I could learn how to fire the weapons we had just in case I ever had to defend our home or our children in his absence.
If memory serves me correctly (he will correct me if I get this wrong *giggles*), he had me shoot the .22 first, then the .357 and then the .45. I am actually best with the .45. I just LOVE that thing! There is nothing quite like firing off a few rounds to get the blood pumping! And when you hit the target and even hit it where you are supposed to, well that's even better. So I guess it was last summer when he was home for a visit, he bought what is called an AirSoft pistol. It looks, feels and even fires just like a real .45 except it uses bio-degradable pellets. When he first got it, he coudn't get it to work..we were both disappointed. A few weeks ago, he was able to get it all figured out and up and running...It is really cool. You can effectively practice in your own backyard without having to go to the range and using up your precious real ammo!
So last week Jerry took me out to practice with the .45 and I totally OUT SHOT him!!! It felt so good...I actually shot the X out of the target...and I got in that little orange circle SIX times!!! My groupings were really good. He was VERY proud of me! I was proud of me. We shall see if I can do it again!

I am off to study some while the baby is sleeping and the house is relatively quiet!

Hugs from Tracye and the Grove

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Brain Hurts....

So many things going through my head! Not that it is a bad thing, just sometimes gives me a headache. Still waiting to hear on Jerry's possible new job, meanwhile he is sending out resume's like a crazy man to find something to bring in some money while we wait. I am still wrestling with trying to find a night job....I don't know how I would squeeze it in, but I am sure I can do this. Harder things have been done before right?
School is kicking my tushy, but I am really enjoying it. I have also started going back to the gym. Just did a body pump class last night for the first time...and it WON'T be the last! I really liked it. I am sore today and from what I hear I will be more sore tomorrow, but I don't mind. It feels good.
My five year old, Jessica did tell me today that I am moving like a little old lady...I really don't think I hurt that bad, nor do I think I am moving that slow!

We are having a neighborhood cook-out saturday night so I am looking forward to that. We have great neighbors and for the most part, all the kids get along!

School starts for Madi on Monday and then tuesday for the rest of the clan. Josh and Emilye will be going back to HHSA (hutto homeschool academy) and Jessica will be homeschooling with Mommy!! She is beyond excited!!!

Well, I hear Madi getting frustrated so I should soon!

Tracye and the Grove

Friday, August 14, 2009

Frozen or Fresh Squeezed?

Ok, again, sorry I didn't blog daily....that may just not be a happening thing as a busy mom of 5! LOL So I ask you, "Frozen or Fresh Squeezed?" life is full of choices isn't it? Some are easy and some are not. Jerry and I faced the decision this week of realizing that at this moment we cannot financially put all 3 kids in "private homeschool academy" so whom do we NOT send? We know we don't want them in Public school....Yes, we realize that our own Madi goes there, but she gets therapy and services that we cannot and even could not provide when Jerry worked overseas. She also will never be in a class larger than 8 students, which is a HUGE difference from a class of 21-32. So, we talked it over and I also spoke with the director/founder/teacher of our little homeschool academy AND of course my own mom. Sooooooooooooo, I will be OFFICIALLY homeschooling Miss Jessica this year. We have the A Beka homeschool curriculum and she and I will be experiencing the exciting world of Kindergarten together! This both thrills me and terrifies me all at the same time!

I want her to get a SOLID education and I have always questioned my own abilities in so many things, however, everyone assures me that I too can do this! Plus, I have my wonderful mother with all her teacher connections and access to other curriculum's and I have my wonderful friend Stormi, who used this same curriculum with her own son and he is one of the smartest 2nd graders I know!

My closet now has very few clothes in it and currently has my desk in my corner and now awaits Jessica's desk in her corner! She is beyond excited, which worried me too. I was so afraid that she would be so upset that she could NOT go to school with Josh and Emilye this year as planned, but she totally surprised me and was very EXCITED to be having school at home with mommy!

On a more sentimental note, she will be using the desk that her own "Pop" (Jerry's dad) used when he was in college and then I am assuming the same desk that Jerry used through out his school years as well. (if i am wrong please correct me honey, i just figured since you've had it since i've know you that you used it too). Jessica seemed very pleased that it would now be her own desk, especially since none of the other kids have their own desk! I asked her where she wanted to put "school" and she said in my closet with me, so we are going to have her desk and then we will also have a bean bag for "reading" time!

I am hoping we will have a relaxing weekend ahead of us. I can't wait to try out Jerry's new Air Soft Pistol and I am planning on grilling bbq pork chops and chicken legs tomorrow night....yummy!!!

Hope everyone is doing well in all your corners of the globe!

Tracye and the Grove!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't give up!

Ok, so I fell off the "blogging" wagon this weekend. Sorry about that.

We had a relatively peaceful weekend. Emilye and Jessica had sleep overs both Friday and Saturday night. Friday night they were up till 1am but Saturday night they were asleep by 11 which was good since we had sunday school and church the next morning!

Sunday we made it to both Sunday School and Church, which was good! I stayed with Madi during the service, but Jerry said it was really good and on the way home informed me that we needed to find a way to send me to Africa! I about drove off the road. I have wanted to go to Africa for almost 20 years...I missed my first "calling" back when I was young and didn't have much faith. Oh if I knew then what I know now, but it's ok. So, Jerry and I are praying and talking about me taking a trip to Kenya. I have friends from school (T.B.I.) over there and I am hoping to go spend some time with them, their family and their ministry!

Jerry will be getting up in about 4 and half hours to start getting ready to drive to Dallas for 3 interviews later this morning and afternoon. Please pray that he finds favor with this company and is offered a job! The job would be local, but the corporate office is in Dallas, so this is why he is headed up that way!

I am hoping to get my self and the kids to the gym this morning..but first i have to go to bed!

I will post something about Jerry when I find out!

Sleep tight and I will post soon!

Tracye and the Grove

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Tangerine's

Ok Ok, so we are not Tangerine's..I was just trying to be cute.

Today was NOT such a great day around the Orange home, but some days are like that. It didn't start off to bad, but it went downhill fairly quickly and just never seemed to recover.

Jerry and I had some life changing discussions, Joshua came home from church camp, Emily had some drama with the neighbors, Madison did well until she was told no about something and then just had a complete melt down, Jessica had a fine day and so did Abbye...oh to be young and naive again!

Joshua had a great time at camp and Jerry and I are both so very appreciative of all the people who made it possible for Joshua to go. He hasn't stopped talking about it since he got home this afternoon! Emilye is simply a 9 year old girl who is headed into those wonderful tween years that I need to desperately recall being in. She is such a good girl, and so wonderful around the house..always so helpful. She is someday going to be a wonderful mommy!
Madison, sweet madi....somedays when I watch her my heart just breaks....I want so badly to understand her, to help her understand us. She is a beautiful child with so much to give....I seriously can't stand Autism...but it is what it is. We learn and adapt and go on..taking each day one by one as they come.
Jessica is eventually going to take over the world....yes she is! That child amazes me with her daily GUSTO! She is afraid of nothing....she will try anything once and she has NO problems telling you what she is thinking!
Abbye of course is sailing along in the toddler world....nary a care..which is how it should be.

I am truly blessed, my children are daily reminders to me of God's love and Mercy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mid-Week Juice

Ok, so Tuesday completely got away from me...sorry about that.

It's Wednesday and not much going on here. The kids are outside playing, Josh is still at camp, Jerry is in the downstairs office working on his e-book and I am in the new upstairs office trying to get through Anatomy and Disease! I am 70% done with this module and looking forward to moving on to the next one. I am very happy be back in school and to also be doing as well as I am. I think sometimes being a mom can make one forget that they have a working brain. Don't get me wrong...I realize that as mom's we use our brain quite's just that sometimes I think all that runs through it is a grocery list and the blue's clues song that has been playing all day.

I have also decided that I want a cot for my new's nice and quiet in here and very conducive to taking a nap :) I can just shut the shades and snooze...Oh to dream!

So any big plans for this weekend? I think we are just going to be hanging around here and HOPEFULLY working on our garage some more. Still have plenty to go through and decide what to do with. Saturday night I have THREE football drafts going on so I will be in my office from about 5:45 drafts are at 6, 7 and 9pm. Yes I am the football freak in our home, not my dear husband! And that is ok! I love my football!!!!

Tracye and the Grove

Monday, August 3, 2009

Not So Fresh Monday Squeeze!

Hello all you wonderful friends and family....this morning was filled with busy activity. Jerry apparently has a horrible stomach bug and is "bed-ridden" for the day :( I got Josh up and packed and off to his FIRST ever kids camp! He will have much fun I am sure! I already miss him but am glad he gets the opportunity to make some new friends from church and get away from all his sisters!

Our sweet kitty is missing...Jessica and Emilye and I went looking for her but have not found her yet. So please pray she comes home...I don't think the kids can handle losing yet another pet. She is micro-chipped so that is in our favor this time.

This week is a "down" week as far as lots of outside activities. I will of course be doing that I am caught up I really want to stay that way! We start our new morning routine this week in preparation for going back to school in a few weeks. And I really want to get back to the gym this week. I miss it and really need to start gearing up for my next three 5K's that I have signed up for!

I hope to spend a lot of time studying this week and hopefully finally getting out of Anatomy and Disease and sailing into Pathophysiology. We shall see...I will keep you updated on how that goes.
I am very excited to have the opportunity to do something I love from home and be able to provide for my family as well. Not to mention that I can do this job from ANYWHERE (even maybe Africa?) Yes, I still want to be a missionary in Africa and I really pray that someday I will see that through!

Ok, enough babble for now. I hope everyone is having a decent Monday!
Tracye and the Grove

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Grove Happenings....

Well it's been a semi-crazy morning around here.
Jerry, Emilye and Joshua got to sleep in...Madi was up first followed by Abbye so I got up with them, came downstairs, changed pull-up/diaper and fixed them breakfast. Jessica got up shortly after that.
We had friends over till the wee hours so Jerry decided we would stay home today. I was already going to stay home with Madison and Jessica because they are not feeling well..I was hoping to get some uninterupted studying in, but oh well. :) I am used to studying with everyone running around so no big deal.
I have to go to the store today anyway because the cat needs litter and Josh needs a few things for camp. I need to do some laundry and study as well. Hadn't planned on cooking today but I don't think we have enough left overs from last night to get us through today so I will have to figure something out. :)
So that's it for now...I will probably post again one more time today....kind of a wrap up from the week.
Tracye and the Grove

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Morning Juice!

Well, yesterday was as always a VERY busy day in our little grove!
Jerry worked on his new blog and some on his e-book. He got a call back from the company he interviewed with on Tuesday that they want him to come to Dallas for 3 in person interviews on Tuesday August 11, so this is looking VERY hopeful!
Jessica and I ran into Taylor to see one of my best friends, Val and her 2 boys Luc and Samuel. They just moved back from being gone for about 8 months and we are thrilled. WE MISSED THEM! Luc and Madi went to school together for almost 4 years and Jessica and Samuel for almost 2. Val is 25 weeks along with baby number three! We had a good visit and Jessica stayed to play while I went to the grocery store ALL ALONE! Let me just say that it is actually an adjustment for me to be ALONE at the grocery store. I am used to having FIVE kids with's so nice!!!
We got home from the grocery store and Jerry put our "Three Little Hebrew" cleaning company to work because last night was Hobby Night at my house. They did a great job cleaning!
I went out to tend my garden which I have NOT killed and have actually grown many yummy things.
Four of my wonderful friends and M.O.P.S. mommies came over for Hobby Night: Catherine, Aimee, Nicole and Meredith.
I made Margarita Pizza and Cheese Pizza, Nicole brought fruit and we ate, drank and worked on hobbies. Aimee is a scrapbooker so she was organizing photos, Catherine made (sewed) a baby sling for one of her friends, Nicole is an artist and was painting a beautiful picture, Meredith took a painting lesson from Nicole and I worked on my flylady control journal.
The last person left a little after midnight....:)

Today we are "resting". The kids are currently watching "Tom and Jerry" , Jerry is in the office and will soon be putting together his SKS (rifle), I am doing a load of laundry, then going to take a shower, study and work on my football stats and notebook for the season!
I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Saturday!

Tracye and the Grove

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fresh Squeezed!

Good Morning all you wonderful friends and family! I am going to be trying out something a little new. Jerry and I have been talking about Blogging and I have encouraged him to start a blog so that he has a place to let everyone know what he is up to. Then I started thinking that maybe I should do it as well! So, I have decided to try and keep you all posted as to our families activities. I am sure that some days will be packed full of things and others maybe slow and dull....:) But I think this will be a fun way to keep in touch!

Since we call ourselves The Orange Grove (South), I decided the blog address would be Around the Grove. I hope everyone really enjoys my little attempt at staying in touch! Some days maybe more about the kids, while others maybe more about myself or Jerry. Guess only time will tell.

Hope you will stop by frequently to see what's happening "Around The Grove"