Sunday, November 15, 2009

Orange Chicken Anyone????

Well today we have two Orange chickens in our home. Both Emilye and Jessica have the chicken pox! Oh what fun! Grandpa has graciously agreed to bring us out some calamine lotion this afternoon...we do have some but I don't think enough to get TWO itchy kids through the next few days!!!

They are taking it very well, they are currently "lounging" in the living room, watching "It's the great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." They look like they have broken out in Pink Polka Dots, it's rather cute really. Emilye was the only one who would let me take her picture. Jessica said she didn't want to be seen wearing pink polka dots (she is NOT a tom-boy or anything!).

Since we didn't get to stay for church, we came home and I cleaned the kitchen, started laundry, made sure all my football fantasy teams were taken care of and am now about to get to studying. I am finally through Pathophysiology in my studies and have moved onto Mastering Medical Language. Who knew there were so many words out there that all sound the same but mean something completely different!!! I find it challenging but fun!

Also, my friend Aimee and I have started a new blog site specifically for finding great deals in the Austin area! Go check us out at I hope you like it. Aimee is the bomb when it comes to coupons and finding GREAT deals. I can hardly believe some of the deals she day when she was at Target they actually ended up paying her!!! Crazy I know, but it really does work!!!

So far Abbye, Madi and Josh are chicken free! I will keep you updated on how it goes!
Have a blessed Sunday!

Tracye and the Grove!