Monday, August 31, 2009

Back at it again....

I did not realize it had been so long since my last blog. Jerry is totally putting me to shame..he blog's daily I believe....or at least every other day. I just can't seem to keep up.

The kids survived their first week of school and have started their second.
Madison seems to be adjusting OK to her new "enviroment" but I am still going to request a transition ARD. I want to make sure she gets the services she needs to continue to progress!
Jessica and I survived our first week of homeschooling...she seems to be happy with staying home. I am still hoping I do her justice. She learned how to spell her name ALL on her own this week and I am very proud of her for that!
Emilye made a 104 on her first spelling test and can tell you ALL about how the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body and so forth. I am glad she is actually listening!
Joshua made a 101 on his first spelling test and when I ask him what he learned I usually get the answers " Stuff" or "I don't remember!" LOL
Abbye is abbye and is finally taking morning naps.

Jerry is still plugging away at finding a job..we are hopeful still about Luminant ( not sure i spelled that correctly) but he is also working on a few other things as well.
Speaking of my husband....he has gotten me interested in guns..more than I ever thought I would be. So of course a few years ago, he took me to the range so that I could learn how to fire the weapons we had just in case I ever had to defend our home or our children in his absence.
If memory serves me correctly (he will correct me if I get this wrong *giggles*), he had me shoot the .22 first, then the .357 and then the .45. I am actually best with the .45. I just LOVE that thing! There is nothing quite like firing off a few rounds to get the blood pumping! And when you hit the target and even hit it where you are supposed to, well that's even better. So I guess it was last summer when he was home for a visit, he bought what is called an AirSoft pistol. It looks, feels and even fires just like a real .45 except it uses bio-degradable pellets. When he first got it, he coudn't get it to work..we were both disappointed. A few weeks ago, he was able to get it all figured out and up and running...It is really cool. You can effectively practice in your own backyard without having to go to the range and using up your precious real ammo!
So last week Jerry took me out to practice with the .45 and I totally OUT SHOT him!!! It felt so good...I actually shot the X out of the target...and I got in that little orange circle SIX times!!! My groupings were really good. He was VERY proud of me! I was proud of me. We shall see if I can do it again!

I am off to study some while the baby is sleeping and the house is relatively quiet!

Hugs from Tracye and the Grove

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