Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Tangerine's

Ok Ok, so we are not Tangerine's..I was just trying to be cute.

Today was NOT such a great day around the Orange home, but some days are like that. It didn't start off to bad, but it went downhill fairly quickly and just never seemed to recover.

Jerry and I had some life changing discussions, Joshua came home from church camp, Emily had some drama with the neighbors, Madison did well until she was told no about something and then just had a complete melt down, Jessica had a fine day and so did Abbye...oh to be young and naive again!

Joshua had a great time at camp and Jerry and I are both so very appreciative of all the people who made it possible for Joshua to go. He hasn't stopped talking about it since he got home this afternoon! Emilye is simply a 9 year old girl who is headed into those wonderful tween years that I need to desperately recall being in. She is such a good girl, and so wonderful around the house..always so helpful. She is someday going to be a wonderful mommy!
Madison, sweet madi....somedays when I watch her my heart just breaks....I want so badly to understand her, to help her understand us. She is a beautiful child with so much to give....I seriously can't stand Autism...but it is what it is. We learn and adapt and go on..taking each day one by one as they come.
Jessica is eventually going to take over the world....yes she is! That child amazes me with her daily GUSTO! She is afraid of nothing....she will try anything once and she has NO problems telling you what she is thinking!
Abbye of course is sailing along in the toddler world....nary a care..which is how it should be.

I am truly blessed, my children are daily reminders to me of God's love and Mercy.

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