Friday, December 10, 2010

The cutest little Orange on the block...

Ok, I am bragging for just a minute. Yesterday was Abbye's MDO Christmas much cuteness. She and her class got up on the stage and banged on little drums for the song Little drummer boy and then tried to sing We wish you a merry Christmas. It was too cute. Her teacher, Miss Kari and her Aide, Miss Sole, have done a great job with her. I also have to brag on Emilye and Jessica because when we got there (to the church), the MDO coordinator, Miss Christy had programs for the parents. Emilye and Jessica said they would gladly pass them out to people and then when it was over, they took the initiative to pick up all the left over programs that were laying all over the sanctuary. Then Emilye helped our good friend Catherine keep up with her kids during the reception. Cat is a great gal whom I adore...she has FIVE kids also, except that her kids are Five, Four, Three, One and New!!! I thought I had mine close together till I met Cat. Anyway, I feel very blessed to have such helpful and courteous children. :)

Still don't have our tree up, which is so not like us, but we will get it done. Not sure when, but it will happen before Christmas. Hopefully this afternoon I will feel up to it, I know the girls really want to and Josh will be home from his visit with Uncle Lance.

School is going slow, but going none the less. My goal is to get to my mid-term by January. My friend Tracey (who is an Honors Grad from the school I am going to) says that once I get to the actual transcribing part I will enjoy it and it will go faster. Well as fast as over 800 files can go I guess. I am looking forward to finding out what Demon Toe Licker is all about. For those of you reading who have no clue what I am speaking of, basically, I have heard there is a doctor who is dictating, but their accent is so thick that is sounds like they are saying "Demon Toe Licker" and I am dying to find out what they are really saying! OH the little things right?

Well, I am just checking in....hope you all have a good friday. I am still trying to take it easy as I am still not completely over my pneumonia, but I do feel much better than I did!

Be blessed!

Tracye and the kids

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